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18-December-2014 16:12
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By Sandra Monger & Robin Pakes

The world of wedding cakes is ever-changing, following developments in dress design, venue styling and floral fashions. Vintage has been the big thing over the last couple of years and looks set to remain so - antique lace and pretty flowers always make for beautiful cakes! 


But what else might we see next year as vintage style evolves and new fashions emerge? Here are just a few thoughts and ideas on might happen in wedding cake world.


Naked cakes were exceptionally popular in 2014 - I made more of these than any other style! Their handmade simplicity evokes vintage values and perfect summer day nostalgia. And unlike too beautiful to cut formal cakes they demand to be eaten as they lay bare their sponge, jam and  buttercream.


Naked cakes cheerfully combine with the informal handmade rustic styling that forms a popular  part of the whole vintage theme. Yet at the core of any wedding celebration is the serious business of love and commitment. So how might the food fun of the naked cake mix with a formality that honours the value of wedding vows?


Such a mix might be seen in style of cake that fits beautifully with the natural and rustic themed weddings that look set to be popular in 2015. While expressing the eat me ethos of the naked cake, it covers up its scrummy fillings with a paddled coating of buttercream. It keeps the handcrafted look and sense of fun yet alludes to the formality of classic decoration and the important traditions it represents.


This style of cake works really well cottage garden flowers such as lavender, be they natural or sugarcrafted. Rustic raffia wrappings add to the natural look as do fabrics such as burlap.


At the same time classic dress and vintage lace inspiration will remain popular, expressed in cake designs through hand piping or stencilled and impression matt decorations. Always a perfect match for beautiful flowers they could be taken to another level by greater floral variety and abundance that will encourage ever more sugracrafted creativity. The look may also reflect seasonal palettes, reinforcing a link with nature in both formal and informal cake designs

Classic inspiration means that there will be plenty of white and ivory iced cakes. But as decorations follow the catwalk 2015 also looks set to see understated and neutral tones such as nude gain in popularity. Nude is interesting as it can be used to blend the formal and informal. Flawless, smooth, nude coloured icing provides a perfect backdrop to flowing piped and brush embroidery decoration and opulent floral statement.

Other neutral colours, such as light grey, which is listed on the Pantone Fashion Colour Report 2015 may also be popular. A classic matching with soft pinks and other understated tones it works perfectly with the formal expression of classic yet minimal hand piping.


Metallic effects were increasing popular in 2014 and look set to remain so in 2015. They work particularly well when combined with bold colour and textures. Lustres and edible gold and silver leaf create an effect that is modern yet combines wonderfully with the opulent décor of some historic wedding venues.


Finally, personalised cakes will be as popular as ever. Whether novelty or esoteric they can reflect the things that are most special to a couple and make an individual statement about what it is that has bought them together on their special day.


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Photographs by Robin Pakes



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