Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much can I expect to pay for a cake?

A: All of our cakes are bespoke and designed to suit your special occasion, therefore the price will vary according to the level of work, cake size and time required to create the design. If you are able to show us the style of cake you like we can give you an idea of cost.

Q. How do I order a cake?
We recommend a consultation for all wedding and large celebration cakes to discuss your requirements. For smaller cakes please give us a call or send us an email.

Q. How do I care for my cake?
You can store your cake in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight. Never refrigerate your uncut cake as this will affect the icing and decoration. However once your cake has been cut any uneaten cake can be refrigerated or frozen. If you would like to keep any decorations such as sugar flowers or figurines, remove them from the cake and store in a ventilated container.

Q. When should I order my cake?
To avoid disappointment, wedding cakes and celebration cakes should be ordered 3-12 months in advance, particularly for summer events. However, this is only a guide and sometimes we are able to accommodate last minute orders.

Q: Is it possible to have different flavoured tiers in my wedding cake?
A: Yes, many couples choose different flavoured tiers, you can choose any flavour from the flavours page.

Q: is it possible to have a fruit cake as the smallest tier?
A: Yes, all of our cakes are supported with cake dowels and these will support the weight of a fruit cake, even if the lower tiers are sponge.

Q: How long do the cakes last after the wedding/event?
A: Fruit cake will last for several months. If you would like to save the cake for a later event it should be frozen, please ask for further storage details. Sponge cake will last for 3 to 5 days after the wedding if wrapped well in cling film or foil and stored in a cake tin. Sponge cake can also be frozen, check your freezer instructions for recommended length of storage.

Q: Do you make all of your own cakes?
A: Yes, all of the cakes are baked by us at home using tried and tested recipes.

Q: Can we taste your cakes?
A: Yes, we offer a free, no obligation consultation and cake tasting, please ask for further details.

Q: I have seen a cake design that I like, can you make the same cake?
A: We will be very happy to look at and discuss all of your ideas and will design a cake especially for you, however Sandra has her own style and will never copy another cake maker’s ideas or designs.

Q: I am not sure what cake design I would like, how do I start?
A: We have many years of experience designing cakes and will help guide you through the options. After a consultation Sandra will produce a mood board and can sketch your design to help you visualise the final cake.

Q: Can I have sugar flowers on my cake to match my bouquet?
A: Yes, Sandra specialises in sugar flowers and will handcraft any flower and foliage to match your bouquet and colour scheme.

Q: Can I have fresh flowers on my wedding cake?
A: Yes, fresh flowers look lovely on cakes. We do not supply fresh flowers but you can ask your florist to supply extra cake flowers. We will be happy to liaise with your florist to discuss cake sizes and set up. It is important to make sure the fresh flowers you choose are non-toxic.

Q: Who takes care of setting of the cake on the day?
A: Sandra offers a delivery and set up service. In and around Bath delivery and set up is free of charge and in most cases will be done on the day of your wedding. For a small fee Sandra will also deliver and set up your cake outside of the Bath area. Sandra will assemble the cake at the venue for you and decorate the cake table so that everything looks perfect. Where set up is required at a specific time, between ceremony and reception, a fee may apply.

Q: Are the cake decorations edible?
A: Some decorations contain metal wires or supports (sugar flowers or novelty cake toppers for example). Sandra will always leave full written instructions with the wedding coordinator/party planner to inform them of any non-edible cake parts.

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