Funky Wedding Cake

Text by Sandra Monger & Robin Pakes. 
Photographs by Robin Pakes

A cool and modern twist on the traditional stacked wedding cake that combines  pure white elegance with vibrant textural expression topped with a funky sugar flower.

This easy to follow tutorial  uses a simple set of circle cutters yet produces striking results.

Key Skills – using cutters & accurate assembly


Get Started – Equipment & Materials

4,6,8 and 10 inch round cakes (3 inches deep, crumb coated and covered with white sugarpaste on same sized hard boards)

12 inch round white iced cake drum

cake dowels

cake smoother

cake pop stick

circle cutters sizes 50mm, 65mm

round cookie cutters sizes 11mm, 22mm, 32mm


non-toxic glue stick

white 15mm ribbon.

set square or ruler

scribing tool

cornflour dusting bag

non-stick rolling board

rolling pin

artists' paintbrush

piping bag

2 icing rules or thin rulers

mid and light blue flower paste

royal icing

sugar glue

white modelling paste

white flower paste


Step 1 – Making the Flower - Create the Basic Form

Cut seven mid-blue circles from flowerpaste using the 32mm cutter and two white circles using the 65mm cookie cutter. Set them aside to dry hard.

Once dry, arrange the blue circles in a circle.

Step 2 – Put Things together

Set one of the white circles aside.  Fix the other on top of the arranged blue circles with sugar glue.

Step 3 – Develop the Flower

Cut seven circles of light blue flowerpaste with the 22mm cutter and emboss with an offset circle using the 11mm cutter. Cut a section from the circle with the 65mm cutter using the embossed circle as a guide. Fix the cut crescent sections onto the petals of the flower with a little sugar glue.

Step 4 - Develop the Flower Some More

Cut a 50mm circle and 32mm circle from white flower paste and fix to the centre of the flower with sugar glue. Cut seven 11mm circles of white flowerpaste and fix over the flower centre and light blue crescents with sugar glue.  Allow to dry and set thoroughly.

Step 5 – Finish the Flower

Once dry,  turn the flower over. Form the back of the flower by fixing the remaining 65mm white circle in place with royal icing. Make a small cone shape from white flowerpaste and fix centrally onto the back of the flower with royal icing. Finally insert a 2 inch length of cake pop stick into the cone and fix in place with royal icing.  Allow to dry thoroughly.

Step 6 – Decorating the Cake – Get Ready

Dowel and stack the tiers on the iced drum board. Fill any gaps at the tier joins with royal icing and carefully smooth with a dampened artists' paintbrush to create a seamless finish.

Step 7 – Roll Accurately

Roll out the white modelling paste on a dusting of cornflour between two icing rules to ensure even thickness.

Step 8 – Cut Some Circles

Cut out numerous circles using the 11, 22 and 32mm circle cutters.

Step 9 - Stack the Circles

Stack the circles using a little sugarglue to fix each in place.

Step 10 – Mark Accurately

Lightly mark a vertical line with a set square or ruler and scribing tool on the front of each tier. 

Step 11 - Fix the Circle Stacks

Using the marked line as a guide fix three circle stacks vertically in place on the bottom tier.


Step 12 – Build the Effect

Fix the next column of circle stacks. Build up the decoration by adding further columns of  circle stacks.  Ensure that each column is straight and vertical by using a set square or ruler.

Step 13 – Add the Finishing Touches

Trim the cake drum with the white 15mm ribbon. Position the flower by inserting the cake pop stick into the cake. Secure it with royal icing

then put the kettle on.

Sandra Monger is a baking expert, sugarcrafter and leading wedding cake designer.

In 2012 she was named Celebration Cake Maker of the Year at the British Baking Industry Awards.

Sandra is also a regular magazine contributor and published author.

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